Check out what Dashboard can do for you

Sites overview

Dashboard gives you a complete overview of all of your sites and lets you see what versions of our extensions you have installed.

Account overview

Dashboard lets you easily keep track of your support requests, view your current subscriptions, get your latest invoices and upgrade your subscription at any time.

Site activities

When you install LOGman on your website you can also access your site activities through the new Activities tab.

Allowing you to search for specific activities, the activity stream shows:

  • The username of the person that triggered the action.
  • The name of the action
  • The name of the resource the action happened on.
  • The date and time the action was triggered

Connect logs

You get a complete insight into what is happening with our Connect service. Track how many requests you’ve made on a monthly or yearly basis and see how many requests you still have left.

Dashboard offers a historical usage overview as well as Connect activity logs for your sites.

Site performance

The performance tab in Dashboard’s sites overview shows you how your site is performing for page load time, offers you optimization suggestions and lets you see which types of files use the most resources.

Uptime monitoring

Dashboard monitors your site to make sure it is up and running at all times and offers basic statistics on the uptime.

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