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How much does it cost?

Last updated: 29 May 2019

Connect services work on a credit system. You ever used a pre-paid mobile phone subscription? It is very similar. Each use of the service costs 1 credit. For example when you add a new document in DOCman Connect scans the document, extracts its content and creates a thumbnail out of it. This will cost you 1 credit. Another example is, if you edit an image in FILEman it will also cost a single credit.

Business and agency subscriptions come with some Connect credits included:

  • Business subscribers get a total of 1000 credits per year (worth $29.00). You can use at most 250 credits in a single month, and 50 credits in a single day.
  • Agency subscribers get a total of 2000 credits per year (worth $58.00). You can use at most 500 credits in a single month, and 100 credits in a single day.

If you run out of your credit limits either for a day, month, or in total you won’t be able to use Connect features anymore. We will let you know about this by email so that you can act accordingly. In this case you can buy extra credits using our Connect subscription.

You can subscribe to this product at a cost of $29.00 for 1000 credits. It will automatically top-up once you run out of credits so you don’t have to worry about it. It’s also possible to buy credits in bulk when you are first subscribing at a heavy discount.

Note: Some Connect features are provided free of charge. At the moment, site activity synchronization in the dashboard is completely free.

Where to find remaining credits and past usage?

Please refer to the following article: Where to find usage details?