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Getting started with Connect

Last updated: 27 July 2022


Note: Only available for Business and Agency subscribers.

  1. Download Connect from our Support Center
  2. Navigate to System > Install > Extensions
  3. Open the Upload Package File tab
  4. Click Choose file to select the downloaded Connect package
  5. Click Upload & Install to start installation
  6. That is it. Connect services will start working automatically now. Refer to our services for more information on specific features. 

Public website

Most Joomlatools Connect services require direct access to your site. For example, file indexing and thumbnails will only work on a public website, not on a localhost installation. This is because we need to reach your Joomla site to deliver the results.

For testing on a localhost installation use ngrok to expose your local server to the internet.

Privacy & Security

All communication between your application and our servers is encrypted using industry standard SSL/TLS. There is no option to communicate over insecure channels so there shouldn't be any room for error on this part.

We recommend that your application uses an SSL/TLS encrypted endpoint to receive this payload in a secure way but this is up to you and your specific needs.

Intermediate files

In the process indexing your files some intermediate copies are created on our worker servers. This is unavoidable since our servers need to be able to read the files to produce the machine-encoded text from them.

We only store file name, size, type and other statistics to help us monitor and improve the service. None of your file content is persisted in any of our databases at any point.