Private videos on your Joomla site, on a shoestring budget

Video, although projected to make up 76% of all web traffic in 2018, can require a lot of expensive server disc space and internet bandwidth.

If you're on a shoestring budget, but still need to serve private video content on your site, it can be challenging to answer the age old question "how do I show my site's users and members private video content and keep the costs down?"

In this week’s blog we’re going to show you, from start-to-finish, how you can share and add a private video from Dropbox, Google Drive, Youtube, Vimeo, ... on your Joomla site using DOCman

Sharing a video privately on Dropbox

First you have to upload a private video file to the cloud so you can privatly share it. In this example we’ll show you how to do this with Dropbox.

  1. For any file you uploaded to Dropbox, click on the file's share button.

Written by

Waseem Sadiq

02 Mar 2018

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