How to improve your website SEO with LOGman Linker

One underused technique for search engine optimisation is internal linking. By using internal links you make sure that search engines understand the relevance of, the relationship between and the value of pages on your site.

For example, many high-performing websites (like use internal linking to increase the ranking potential of each individual page and as a result boost their overal site's Page Authority.

What is a website's Page Authority?

Page Authority is a search engine ranking score that predicts how well a specific page will rank on search engine result pages.

A website page's Page Authority score will range from 1-to-100. On an individual page, search engines need to see content in order to list pages. Internal links are useful here because they pass Page Authority from one page (e.g. homepage) to another (e.g. blog post) and spread your website's link equity (ranking power).

Our LOGman extension comes with a nifty little plugin called Linker. Our Linker plugin can link to just about any resource in a Joomla site.

When you install LOGman the Linker plugin gets installed and enabled alongside it. You won't find it under the LOGman extension though because it's an editor plugin. "An editor plugin?" you ask, well yes, it's due to the logging power of LOGman that Linker is able to find and add an internal link to relevant articles, DOCman documents, or FILEman files on your site.

Install LOGman and edit an article (Linker is available from the frontend and backend of your site), now look for and click on the Linker button in the editor's toolbar, you'll find the Linker button at the bottom of the editor window if you have TEXTman installed.

Linker editor button

Once you have added a menu item for the page or resource you want to link to (this can be a regular or hidden menu item), search for it in Linker and click on it. Linker will add the link into your article's content.

Linker search pop-up

Most of the major search engines have a rough crawl limit of 150 links per page before they stop spidering additional pages linked to from the original page. Some will spider in excess of 200 links but it's wise to limit the number of links on any given page to 150 or risk losing the ability to have additional pages crawled.

Get started

Give your website's Page Authority an overhaul and find resources to link to, the easy way, with LOGman Linker. You can give Linker a try by editing an article via TEXTman on our demo site (you'll find the Linker button at the bottom of the editor).

Existing members can go ahead download LOGman from our Support Center. Not yet a member? Get a subscription and start using LOGman today!

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Written by

Waseem Sadiq

27 Jul 2018

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