DOCman 1.5 Stable is now available!

Today we are very excited to announce the release of DOCman v1.5, which you can buy in the new Joomlatools store!

Conceived in 2003, and sporting thousands of downloads each month, DOCman has established itself as the premiere document management tool for Joomla. The new release is the culmination in years of experience in security. Keeping your documents safe has always been the primary concern — one we will never take lightly. Marc Alen, Adjunct Secretary of the Belgian Police Force agrees:

“We run 140 DOCman installations, one for each police zone’s public website, and even more installations on our intranets. Security is imperative — and for years, DOCman is delivering that for us.”

Native Joomla 1.5

We’ve been collecting user feedback for a while, and we’ve implemented the most demanded feature: being able to run DOCman in Joomla 1.5 without legacy mode.

The primary focus for this release has been stability, performance and security. Not only did we squeeze out another 10% in performance improvement, and 20% in memory usage; thanks to our extensive testing, you can rest assured this is the safest way to store and distribute your documents using Joomla. DOClink, the search plugin and the modules are now installed automatically along with DOCman. And as an added bonus, the new DOCman release was given a brand new front end theme.

GPL freedom

You can buy the new DOCman 1.5 in the Joomlatools store. Charging a little for DOCman will help us invest in development and better support. Does this change anything? No, DOCman is still Free Software (as in Freedom) released under the GPL, just like Joomla. You still get the freedom to use DOCman as you wish. By buying DOCman, you support open source development.

We’d like to thank everybody who had a hand in making this possible. We’re looking forward to hear your feedback on this great new release, and with your support, DOCman can keep going on this amazing journey!

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DOCman 1.4.0 Stable released

1 million downloads for DOCman 1.4

I’m happy to announce that as of today, DOCman 1.4.0 Stable (the Valentine’s Day Edition) is available for download. I’m also very proud that this week, DOCman has crossed the one million downloads mark on Joomlacode (since March 2007)!

In more good news, MjazTools AutoPopulate (a utility to quickly import many files into DOCman), and AutoThumb (a plugin that generates thumbnails for images in DOCman) are now official Joomlatools plugins. They can be found through the download link below. Notify and BlogTheme will follow soon.

Before installing DOCman or upgrading from older versions (1.3, 1.4 beta and 1.4 RC), please see our upgrading documentation for more information. If you need help, visit the forum.

To make sure you are using an unmodified package of DOCman, always download from our official download area.

We also put a new donations page online. We appreciate your contributions!

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Johan Janssens recognised as CMS “Most Valued Person”

I’m sure Packt Publishing needs no introduction. They published nine books on Joomla so far,
donate portions of their sales back to Joomla, and organize yearly open source awards. Joomla has taken home a bunch of these awards in the past (is anyone keeping track?). This week the 2008 winners will be announced.

Joomla 1.5′s Lead Architect

This year, a new category was added: “Open Source CMS Most Valued Person“. I’m pleased to announce that our own Johan Janssens was selected for his work on Joomla by his community peers. Johan is one of the co-founders of Joomla, and has led the development of Joomla 1.5. Thanks to his efforts, Joomla has moved away from the spaghetti code it inherited from Mambo, and now has a super-flexible, object-oriented framework.

With almost 3500 commits (aka code changes or additions in the code repository), Johan has written more Joomla than anyone else, and it’s gonna take a while before anyone catches up. He’s also a top 10 poster in the official Joomla forums, spoke at numerous events, helped set up structures like the working groups and OSM, and led the development working group

That’s why I’m extremely proud to be working alongside Johan on Nooku. He always has great ideas, knows more about software architecture than anyone I’ve ever met, and he’s always happy to share his knowledge.

It’s just the beginning

What can you expect from Johan in the future? Let me just say this: if you paid close attention, you already figured out that Nooku is not going to be ‘just’ a multilingual extension for Joomla, and it’s even going to be very useful for mono-lingual sites. You’ve come to expect great things from Johan, and we’re not settling for anything less. Stick around for some surprises about the upcoming Nooku 0.6.

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The Super Secret Sitemap Trick

Did you know you can have a sitemap in your Joomla site without installing any additional extensions?

Really? How?

The menu module already does everything we need: it’s essentially a tree with all the items in the system. All we need to do is make it look like a component.

  1. Create a new article called ‘Sitemap’. In the body, type {loadposition sitemap} and save it.
  2. Make a new menu item called Sitemap, and point it to the article.
  3. In the module manager, make a new Menu module. Set ‘Menu name’ to the menu you want to display as a sitemap.
  4. In the position box, type ‘Sitemap’. Obviously this refers to the position we used earlier in the {loadposition…} tag
  5. Make sure you set ‘Always show submenu items’ and ‘Expand menu’ to yes, and save.
  6. Add more modules for each menu
  7. You should now have a nice sitemap in the frontend.
    You can style it with CSS or if you’re creative, you can add some folding using javascript.
  8. Post a link here to your sitemap, to show the world what you did

Got any quick’n’dirty tricks to do cool stuff in Joomla that was never intended to be used that way? Let us know!

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