TEXTman 3.0 is here - Joomla SEO has never been this easy!

TEXTman, our powerhouse article manager for Joomla just got a lot better! We’ve added a whole set of SEO improvements and built-in Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) support. Not only will your Joomla site’s search engine ranking improve, it will load blazingly fast on mobile devices too.

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How to improve your website SEO with LOGman Linker.

One underused technique for search engine optimisation is internal linking. By using internal links you make sure that search engines understand the relevance of, the relationship between and the value of pages on your site.

For example, many high-performing websites (like Amazon.com) use internal linking to increase the ranking potential of each individual page and as a result boost their overal site’s Page Authority.

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LOGman 4.0 brings website analytics to your fingertips

What happens when you want to see the page views, number of visitors, top visited pages or top referrers on your website, but you don’t have a Google Analytics or HotJar account?

Don’t worry, LOGman’s got your back!

In the latest 4.0 release of our powerful Joomla logging extension we’ve added website analytics, along with a couple of other goodies.

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