We are ready for Joomla 3.3!


The new Joomla 3.3 is about to be released soon! The second beta is being tested right now and the final version is expected on the 22nd of April. A lot of work has been undertaken to make this version the most secure and stable Joomla release ever!

We worked around the clock to make all our extensions 100% compatible with the upcoming Joomla 3.3 version. That means you will be able to upgrade the moment Joomla 3.3 is released.

Allow us to give you a little tour of what is coming up in this new version.

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A shiny new logo for each Joomlatools extension

You might have seen them on our social channels already: our new extension logo’s. The new logo designs are the first step in the new overall style we are working on. Here’s the story on how the new logos got shaped.


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Joomla testing – With a little help from your friends

Testing software can be an arduous task. Every web environment comes with it’s own PHP version, server configuration and quirks. For a project as big as Joomla, this can quickly become a problem.

Each new Joomla release is deployed on thousands of different environments around the world in a matter of hours. Some bugs might go unnoticed until end-users install on PHP versions that haven’t been tested. This can lead to a frustrating time for everyone involved.

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Joomla console - A command line interface for Joomla developers

Testing Joomla installations and extensions can be a tedious task. You need to setup different versions of Joomla, install extensions, configure Joomla, run different tests, etc. Doing all this manually is very laborious and  time consuming.

At Joomlatools we are testing almost daily and had to come up with a better way to quickly and automatically install Joomla sites. Meet, Joomla Console.

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