How to use HTTPS on Joomla with CloudFlare SSL

In recent years it has become best practice to encrypt your site using SSL. This used to be a complicated process but fortunately a lot of tools have popped up to help you with the process. The easiest and cheapest solution today is through CloudFlare’s SSL feature.

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10 tips to improve Joomla's security

Most Joomla attacks are possible because of 3rd party plugin/components vulnerabilities, weak passwords, and outdated software. But don’t worry, the following tips will help you increase your Joomla website security in no time.

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TEXTman 1.0: Frontend article manager for Joomla

Writing articles in the Joomla administrator isn’t convenient for most users. TEXTman makes writing articles in Joomla’s frontend simple and fun. It will bring a smile to any content editor.

After a year of hard work we are proud to announce that TEXTman 1.0 is ready!

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