Say hello to LOGman 4.1!

Last summer we were thrilled to present LOGman 4.0. This new major version introduced both content metrics analysis and new SEO features. Today, LOGman 4.1 adds to the mix with new functionality and some improvements.

Page views

LOGman 4.0 provides impressions logging for Joomla content items. Impressions track how many times content pages have been accessed throughout the website. This data was exposed as metrics in LOGman's analytics view.

LOGman 4.1 now allows you to visualize these impressions as read activities in the backend activity stream. This makes it very convenient when you need to find out who read a given article and when they read it.

Read activities are also displayed in their own special list to avoid cluttering the stream on high traffic websites. To switch between lists you may use a special filter which you can find on the left sidebar of the backend activities view.

Page views filter

When you click on the Page views link, the stream will render read activities only. Page view activities can then be additionally filtered, just as you can with regular activities, e.g. by usergroup, date, etc.

Impressions support for K2

Although we first introduced impressions support for Joomla articles, LOGman is also capable of of supporting content impressions logging for other extensions too.

Page views activities

By popular demand, LOGman 4.1 now supports impressions logging for K2, a well known content extension for Joomla. This means that LOGman can now track page views whether your visitors read Joomla or K2 content items.

In LOGman 4.1's Analytics view you will find a brand new selector for filtering statistics by component. You can now generate and review impressions metrics on a per component basis.

LOGman Analytics component selector

Bug fixes & Changelog

LOGman 4.1 provide fixes for the following issues:

  1. Early load of plugins translation files: This affected multilingual sites by loading component language files before determining the current site locale.
  2. Impression link path issue: Badly constructed analytics view links on Joomla sites running inside folders.
  3. Guest filtering not working.
  4. Hide show more button on frontend activity when the limit is attained.
  5. Impressions count stop at default limit: Removed the default limit for statistic queries.

Check the changelog to see what else changed in LOGman 4.1

Get started

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Written by

Arunas Mazeika

12 Dec 2018

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