TEXTman 4.0 - Joomla article editing evolved for the twenties

CCKs and editor plugins for Joomla are a thing of the past, whilst they were great in the noughties and brought Joomla article editing on leaps and bounds, they quickly became cumbersome to configure, manage and, for the non-technical authors on a lot of websites, to use.

TEXTman began life as a simple frontend article editor, but, over the last couple of years thanks to user feedback it's matured and has evolved into the only content extension you'll need in order to manage your Joomla articles. In TEXTman 4.0 we've worked very hard to improve the user interface even further, thus, simplifying even the most complex of tasks.

  • Want to show an article to only one user, or a group of users? We've got you covered.
  • Want to share drafts of your articles with your editorial team without first publishing the draft? We've got you covered.
  • Want to edit your article's featured image and add a filter or impact text? We've got you covered.
  • Want to add Joomla custom fields, or better still custom fields from your template overrides? We've got you covered.
  • Need to attach files to your articles? We've got you covered.
  • Need more in-depth article analytics and visitor logs than you'll get with Joomla's built-in hits counter? Yeah, you guessed right, we've got you covered.

Manage, present, optimize and analyze your Joomla articles like never before.

Let's take a closer look at the new features in TEXTman 4.0:

A fully-fledged article editor

TEXTman started as a frontend only article editor, and with the 4.0 release you now also have a full backend interface. You can edit articles through the frontend, or the Joomla administrator. Whatver your preference, TEXTman will handle it all nicely for you.

TEXTman's admin dashboard

Intuitive article authoring

TEXTman 4.0's article editing form brings all of the authoring functionality right to your fingertips though intuitive tabs, you'll find a few new tabs there: attachments, activities, analytics, and custom fields

Easily oranise your article's attachments

If you have FILEman installed, organising your article's attachments is now much easier, from the Attachments tab, which replaces the old editor button, your editorial team can find the files that are attached to the article, plus drag-n-drop new files to attach to an article, and all from an intuitive accessible form, what's not to like about that?

TEXTman's attachments tab

Useful article analytics

If you need more useful article analytics than just Joomla's in-built hits counter, simply install TEXTman's stablemate LOGman. You'll get a full overview of all the activy analytics for the specific article you are editing right from within the Analtyics tab.

TEXTman's analytics tab

Article activity logs

We also moved the article acivities logs into a tab to give you easy access to them. Like the analytics tab the activity logs tab requires you to have LOGman installed. You'll get a full overview of all the activy logs for the specific article you are editing right from within the Activities tab.

TEXTman's activities tab

Custom Fields

With the introduction of the custom Fields tab, every one of Joomla's core article management features, can be configured through TEXTman. Not only that, you get some of TEXTman's special sauce too.

TEXTman supports both Joomla article custom fields and template override based custom fields, the latter approach gives you more control, although, there's no UI to configure the fields, instead you have to do that through a template override.

You can, of course, use both together. If you want to use the standard custom fields from Joomla's content component, or you want to use template override custom fields, you'll find that they're a breeze to use in TEXTman.

Joomla article custom fields

Joomla's custom fields now integrate seamlessly into TEXTman, it couldn't be easier to edit and display them. Albeit, you're limited as to where and how you can display Joomla custom fields in your article, that's where template override custom fields have the upperhand.

TEXTman's custom fields tab

Template override custom fields

You'll need a little bit of technical know-how about template overrides (this developer tutorial will help), but after that template override custom fields are a snap to integrate in TEXTman.

TEXTman's custom fields displayed in the fronted of a Joomla website

Article credit where credit's due

At Joomlatools, we've been helping Joomla site owners tackle the task of taming com_content for almost as long as there have been Joomla sites. That's where TEXTman was born. One question we've been asked time and again is how to change the author of an article. You might think that's easy, right? Afterall, you can do that right from within Joomla. Just go to the publishing tab and select a different author, what's hard about that?

OK, consider this, you have a guest writer, someone who isn't a member of your site and not likely to become a member of your editorial team. How do you select them as the article's author?

Of course, TEXTman to the rescue, not only can you select a site user, like you can in Jooomla, but the author field is now a "free type" select field. This means that the article's author doesn't need to have an account on your site any more, you can simply type their name, and then click enter before saving the article, you're done!

TEXTman's author field

Get started

Supercharge your Joomla articles with TEXTman. Go ahead and try TEXTman on our demo or download it from our Support Center. Not yet a member? Get a subscription and start using TEXTman today!

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