TEXTman 3.0 is here - Joomla SEO has never been this easy!

TEXTman, our powerhouse article manager for Joomla just got a lot better! We've added a whole set of SEO improvements and built-in Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) support. Not only will your Joomla site's search engine ranking improve, it will load blazingly fast on mobile devices too.

Here's an overview of all of the great SEO features we've added to TEXTman:

Automatically redirect SEF URLs

Joomla recently introduced an improved SEF url router (known as modern routing), which removes article and category IDs from SEF urls.

For example,


gets converted automatically to:


This is great for new Joomla websites, but not for existing sites that already have old (legacy) SEF urls. To avoid harming your page rank you need to manually add redirects from the old SEF urls to the new ones. This is important because the new routing system is not 100% compatible with the old (legacy) router.

TEXTman does away with the need to manually redirect the old URL to the new one, resulting in fewer 404 errors. Unlike Joomla's content component there's nothing extra to set up, just switch on Joomla's modern SEF urls and TEXTman will handle the rest for you.

Prevent duplicate content issues

Joomla sites can have multiple entry points to the same content. For example you could have the following article urls on your site: https://www.example.com/menu/how-to-do-this-or-that and https://www.example.com/other/category/how-to-do-this-or-that

Both urls will show the same article, but the second is part of a different menu item, creating a duplicate content issue. This is not good for SEO!

TEXTman 3 adds support for canonical urls to help you to prevent duplicate content issues. The canonical URL tells search engines that the same article exists already under a different url. The search engine will then crawl the original URL and consider the current URL as a duplicate.

TEXTman will consider the first url under which the article has been published as the canonical url. If the article is then published under another url it already knows about the first (canonical) url and uses that one instead.

TEXTman, when used alongside its stablemate LOGman, automatically determines which url was published first for an article.

Prevent duplicate content issues

Boost performance on mobile devices with AMP

AMP is a set of open-source standards that provide mobile device ready-web pages that load near instantaneously for users. Joomla doesn't provide AMP support out of the box.

With the AMP support enabled TEXTman 3 will automatically generate an AMP structured page for each of your articles, making a big difference in performance and SEO results on mobile devices.

Boost performance on mobile devices with AMP

Improve page SEO by adding structured data

Structured data provides search engines with extra information about your content, to understand important details about your site, such as names, descriptions, dates and ratings. And, because search engines can understand your data more clearly, they'll often reward you with a higher ranking.

Improve page SEO by adding structured data

Prevent external linking to other websites

External links to websites (such asbbc.co.uk or easjet.com) could harm your site's reputation because you have no control over the content of those external sites. TEXTman handles external links for you and tells search engines not to follow them by wrapping a <noindex> tag around the link, and adding a rel=nofollow flag to the link.

Prevent external linking to other websites

Stability and bug fixes

TEXTman 3.0 also comes with a few smaller fixes and improvements. Big thanks to all our customers who provided us with feedback. Check the complete changelog to see what changed.

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