TEXTman 2.0.1 - a minor release with some important improvements.

Since the release of TEXTman 2.0 last December we have worked relentlessly on new features. Work is well underway on TEXTman 2.1 and even 3.0 is taking good shape, more about that in an upcoming blog post.

We received some great feedback and have already rebuilt some smaller features that help streamline the editing experience. We didn't want to hold off and included them in the 2.0.1 maintenance release.

Here are the important improvements in TEXTman 2.0.1

A smart 'Back to Joomla' button

The 'Home' button in TEXTman's sticky toolbar was a little bit confusing because it wasn't immediately obvious that clicking this button would take you back to Joomla, so we've fixed this by renaming the button 'Back to Joomla'.

We also made the button smart! It will take you back to the page where you entered the TEXTman interface from, for example when you clicked the edit button in an article. In case TEXTman doesn't know where you came from it will take you to the site homepage.

This is a little usability feature but it makes a world of difference if you are editing on a daily basis.

Toolbar buttons no longer redirect

Proir to TEXTman 2.0.1, clicking on an article's 'save', 'discard' or 'publish' buttons meant that you were redirected to the TEXTman dashboard.

This is not always handy, especially if you are switching between a preview and the editor whilst working. You don't want to have the editor redirect each time you click 'save' or 'discard'.

Now if you click on 'save', 'discard' or 'publish', you will stay in the article editor screen. To go back to the articles list, just click the dashboard button in the sticky toolbar on top.

If you have our FILEman extension installed you will find that the image editor button has been replaced with FILEman's FILElink UI button. The button no longer appears below the editor, which can be confusing as we had two buttons with the same functionality.

You already have the most feature-rich file manager for Joomla installed on your site, so we've now hooked that up for you!

Restyled share a draft

This was a small but important change. We moved the checkbox for generating a draft to the begining of the URL, small changes make a difference too!

Custom views

TEXTman is designed to work out-of-the-box with Joomla, but what happens when you don't have an out-of-the-box Joomla set up? Well, we've improved TEXTman so that it will now support custom Joomla article views. If you have a custom Joomla set up and need to know if TEXTman can help with your workflow.


Check the changelog to see what changed in TEXTman 2.0.1

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