TEXTman 2.2 stable has been released, get it now!

As all of our existing subscribers already know, at Joomlatools we don't rest on our laurels. We had such great feedback for TEXTman v2.1 that we powered on with the 2.2 version to iron out the remaining bugs, make TEXTman super-stable and introduce a couple of very handy new features.

Responsive images support for all article images

In a previous blog post, we explained why-and-how responsive images are a good thing for your website's page load speed.

TEXTman 2.2 will not only create device-specific responsive images for those images that you upload via TEXTman, it will also automagically do this for any image that exists in your Joomla articles. It doesn't even matter where the image is located, stored in your site, or elsewhere, we handle it all.

Whether you use TEXTman or Joomla's built-in editor to write your articles, you just have to have TEXTman installed on your site in order to benefit from responsive images support. How cool is that?!

Access TEXTman through the administrator

Until now TEXTman has only been a frontend component, meaning that content editors could only access it by logging in to the frontend of your website.

This is no longer the case, you can now access TEXTman from the administrator too, no more multi-tabbing to edit your content when you're already performing administrator tasks.

Stability and bug fixes

TEXTman 2.2 also comes with a heap of smaller fixes and improvements. Big thanks to all our customers who provided us with feedback. Check the complete changelog to see what changed.

Get started

Supercharge your Joomla article editing flow with TEXTman. Go ahead and try TEXTman on our demo or download it from our Support Center. Not yet a member? Get a subscription and start using TEXTman today!

Download TEXTman 2.2

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