Saying goodbye to an old friend !

Today we say goodbye to Launched in March 2004 it has served the DOCman project for over 4 years. Last November we moved the forums over and today we are letting the curtain fall over the old site.

Saying Thanks!

This is an excellent opportunity to say thanks. First of all a big round of applause goes to Vasco Nunes, founder and original developer of DOCman. Vasco started development of DOCman in the summer of 2003 and worked on the project from versions 1.0 to 1.3.

Vasco is also the one who invited me to join the DOCman project in early 2004 to help out with DOCman 1.2. My work on DOCman later caught the eye of the Mambo core team which I joined in April 2004.

I would also like to thank all the previous contributors for the efforts they have put into the DOCman project over the past years (in random order):

  • Charles Gentry (developer)
  • Timothy Beutels (developer)
  • Mathias Verraes (developer)
  • Shayne Bartlett (doc writer)
  • Peek (graphic designer)
  • Alexander Krestinin (tester)
  • Mark Semczyszyn (tester)
  • Marko Milenovic (tester)
  • Krisstoffer & Harri (forum moderators)

These are the people that have made DOCman one of the most popular extensions for Mambo and Joomla!.

Looking into the future

DOCman development has been a little slow of late, because we’re working on Nooku all the time. Mathias, current lead developer for DOCman, already answered this question in a comment on one of his recent blog posts:

We’ll make an announcement on the future of DOCman soon. Don’t worry, DOCman is not dead — it’s not even sleeping, just taking a quick nap!

We have big plans for DOCman future, keep a close eye on this blog in the coming weeks…

From today forward all information about DOCman can be found on our extensions page.

Written by

Johan Janssens

08 Sep 2008

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