Presenting an improved forum layout

We have been steadily improving our member center over the past few months, by introducing, amongst other things, the “Report a Problem” sections and by extending our support workflows.

Obviously, we can’t just keep piling up all these new buttons and text fields on top of each other. So we figured it was about high time to rethink our forum layout a little bit!

That’s why we are introducing you to our brand new sidebar. To deal with the increasing number of features on our support forums, the right-hand side of each topic post will display all the topic’s metadata.

This metadata consists out of the author’s information, the topic’s creation date and the current state of the support request. Additionally, all the system information that applies to this particular topic has been moved into the sidebar as well.

Even better; if you are the author of a topic, you can easily update your system information fields from the same page. Simply click on the field you want to edit and a drop-down will pop up so you can choose the correct value. Saving you the hassle of having to open up the “Edit” form for such a minor update from now on!

We hope you enjoy it! As always, we’d love to hear your feedback in the comments section.

See you on our forums!

Written by

Steven Rombauts

19 Feb 2014

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