Joomlatools Connect 2.0 is here

We started the year by introducing Joomlatools Connect. Connect brings web services directly to your Joomla website.

Today we are happy to announce Joomlatools Connect v2.0. This major release brings performance and stability improvements, and also adds some awesome new services!

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Setting up Twitter Cards in Joomla with TEXTman

Have you ever tried sharing an article from your Joomla site on Twitter and just got a hyperlink to the website as result?

If your site supports Twitter Cards, you can enrich the information that a tweet contains when you share links to your articles. For example the above image coming from our TEXTman 1.0 release tweet.

Joomla doesn’t offer support for Twitter Cards. No worries we’ve got your back. This is where TEXTman comes to the rescue. It offers support for Twitter Cards straight out of the box.

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TEXTman 1.0: Frontend article manager for Joomla

Writing articles in the Joomla administrator isn’t convenient for most users. TEXTman makes writing articles in Joomla’s frontend simple and fun. It will bring a smile to any content editor.

After a year of hard work we are proud to announce that TEXTman 1.0 is ready!

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