Our Summer of Code, a wrap-up

With autumn in full swing we wanted to give you a little overview of all the things we worked on over the summer. We didn't update just one, but all our extensions adding some great new features and we also released Joomlatools Connect version 2.0.

Here's a quick overview of the major changes we worked on in each extension:

Connect 2.0

This major release brings performance and stability improvements, and also adds some awesome new services such as: stock images support, enhanced document indexing, and faster thumbnail generation.

Read more about Connect 2.0

DOCman 3.1

Big changes for DOCman 3.1 with a host of new Connect features as well as an embedded video player, gallery improvements, a drag and drop uploader and four new languages.

Read more about DOCman 3.1

FILEman 3.1

FILEman 3.1 got an embedded video player, a gallery module, responsive images support, image resizing on upload, personal user spaces, folder protection, attachments layouts, four new languages, and a new layout selector, ... Yes all that!

Read more about FILEman 3.1

LOGman 3.1

For LOGman we added search improvements, a new settings view and a simplified developer API. You can now search for activities by title or by IP address. With four new languages and Mosets Tree integration, LOGman has never been more powerful yet easy to use.

Read more about LOGman 3.1

TEXTman 2.0 beta

We did so much work on TEXTman that we decided to jump right to version 2.0. Among many other features and improvements TEXTman 2.0 introduces content authoring and workflow features to Joomla.

Read more about TEXTman 2.0 beta

What's next?

We are working on finishing TEXTman 2.0 and are hoping to release a final release candidate soon. The team also spent the past few weeks improving our customer support center and support workflows. More about that in an upcoming post.