LOGman got some new friends!

With the recent release of LOGman 2.0, which includes an API for developing LOGman integrations with other components, we decided to put it all to the ultimate test by bringing new integrations for some of the most popular Joomla! extensions out there.

Today we are pleased to announce the immediate availability of four new LOGman plugins which provide integrations for Remository, YOOTheme Zoo, K2 and Kunena. These extensions were picked based on requests made by our customers.

The plugins enable LOGman to log activities originated by user actions on those components, e.g. Tom added a new Remository File with the title Top Secret. In other words, these integrations will allow you to keep track of user activity on those components.


As with any other Joomlatools extension, the plugins may be downloaded in the Joomlatools Support Portal. Please note that you need an active Joomlatools LOGman subscription to be able to download them.

After downloading the plugin package, the next step is to install it as you would normally do with any Joomla! extension, i.e. by using the Joomla! Extension Manager.

Note : These new plugins require the latest LOGman v2.0.2 to be installed on your site, make sure you update if you haven't done so yet.

How to use

After the plugin is properly installed, you need to make sure to enable it and that the components that are being integrated are also present in your site. Otherwise, nothing will get logged.

These integrations were tested against the latest versions of the component to this date:

  • Remository v3.56
  • YOOtheme Zoo v3.3.1
  • K2 v2.6.9
  • Kunena v3.0.6

We recommend that you upgrade to the latest versions of these components before installing their corresponding LOGman integration plugins.

Next steps

We are planning on supporting other popular extensions out there. If you would like to see your favourite extension supported by LOGman, please let us know by either adding a new idea in our Support Portal or by just up-voting an already existing request.

If you are a Joomla! extension developer and you would like to add some extra value to your work, you should seriously consider integrating your components with LOGman. Developing integrations for LOGman is actually very easy, and you may use any of these plugins as a starting point or working example. In top of that, we have written a comprehensive collection of guides that will help you through the development process.

If you are interested on building LOGman plugins, but you feel that you require further assistance, you might be interested in knowing that developer support is included in our Business and Agency subscriptions. By subscribing to any of these packages you get access to our dedicated developer forums where you will get direct support from our team.

Enjoy these new plugins!

Written by

Arunas Mazeika

21 Jan 2015

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