LOGman 3 integrations are up-to-date

Earlier this month we released LOGman 3.0 stable. Now all our integrations with other Joomla extensions have been updated with the new API.

Currently 8 integrations are available for LOGman 3.0:

  • Advanded Module Manager
  • EasyDiscuss
  • JEvents
  • K2
  • Komento
  • Kunena
  • Remository
  • YOOtheme Zoo

Of course, LOGman has out-of-the-box support for DOCman, FILEman and TEXTman.


The integration plugins can be downloaded from our Support Center.

To install, just download the desired package and install it using the Joomla extension manager. Make sure to publish the plugin after installing it.


Developers can browse the source code of all our integrations on GitHub.

Bug reports and pull requests are always welcome. If you want to contribute in any way make sure to read our contribution guidelines first.

The LOGman's developer documentation has also been updated to reflect the changes that were made on the 3.0 API. Make sure to check it out and update your custom plugins accordingly.

We are also working on making LOGman integration with other components even easier. The idea is to provide a simple logging API that will allow developers to easily log generic activities with a single line of code.

What’s next

A plugin for integrating Mosets Tree will be available very soon. We are in contact with the Mosets Tree team to solve some problems that prevent us from publishing the plugin.

Stay tuned and happy logging!