LOGman 2 is here!

LOGman 2 has just been released – bringing mobile ready layouts and a complete developer plugin API. Being able to easily track what is happening in your Joomla site is key to keep taps on what your users are doing. LOGman tracks every user action and takes the guesswork out of troubleshooting.

Browsing your activity streams on mobile devices is now a breeze with the new responsive layout. You can now monitor your user activities on any device. LOGman will work and look great everywhere!

LOGman on a mobile device

LOGman can log more than 60 different Joomla! activities. This is great, but what if you would like to log actions from other extensions, or from an extension you have built? No problem, LOGman 2 includes a powerful API for developers for building integrations with other extensions.

Developer working on a LOGman plugin

The API documentation is available in our Joomlatools Developers Portal. Do you need guidance for building a LOGman integration?. We are here to help. Developer support is included in our Business and Agency subscriptions and gives you access to our dedicated developer forums.

As always, we have taken care off a bunch of minor bugs and also introduced some small new features. Make sure to checkout the LOGman’s changelog so that you don’t miss a single thing.

Upgrading from Version 1

Making the switch from version 1 is easy. You can read the complete upgrade guide on our new help area.

Users with an active subscription for LOGman 1 have immediate access to LOGman 2 at no additional costs. If you do not have a subscription yet you can subscribe on our online store.

Get your copy of LOGman 2 now!