LOGman 1.0 RC4 released

It’s with great excitement that we officially announce the immediate availability of LOGman 1.0 RC4. This release adds 7 major new features and tons of smaller optimisations and fixes.

LOGman 1.0 RC4 - Activity Overview

A lot of work has been done for ironing bugs and improving the user experience (changelog) as a whole, plus the following exciting new features :

Key Features

1. Improved Joomla! core extensions support

We have worked very hard in order to provide you with the most complete list of core events that can be logged. LOGman is now capable of logging more than 60+ different user actions! 

2. Complete Joomlatools extensions support

LOGman already supported FILEman and our DOCman 1.x releases. In this new version, DOCman 2 has joined the party. LOGman is now capable of logging document and category actions from DOCman 2.

By popular request, we also added support for DOCman 2 file downloads from registered users. You can now see what users have downloaded which files and at what frequency.

3. Linkable activity messages 

If you have used LOGman before, you will notice it right away. Activity messages rendered by LOGman are now not only very explicit and well formed, but also full of rich and linkable content.

The mechanism for rendering messages was completely rewritten and improved. Links from resources involved on a given activity are now consistent and aware of their state (deleted or not) and each type of action is given it’s own icon.

4. Internationalisation 

This is all very cool right?, but what about translations? … we got this covered too! We put a lot of effort into providing fully translatable activity messages. Messages can now very easily be translated by overriding the translation keys available in the Joomla! language files. Translations can take into account language particularities such as context translations and verbs conjugation.

LOGman 1.0 RC4 - Activity Module

We have successfully translated all of LOGman’s activity messages to Spanish, French and Turkish, and all that with very small effort.

5. IP address logging

Knowing who do what and when is great, but knowing from where is also important. We now store the IP addresses along with each activity being logged.

6. Contact form logging

Even though LOGman is specifically engineered for logging activities from registered users, it also seamlessly handles activities originated from guest users.

LOGman can log contact form submissions from registered and guest users while transparently rendering the corresponding message in the backend. You’ll be able to reply and be aware of message submissions regardless of the registered state of the message submitter.

7. Activity streams

Keeping up to date with the latest web technologies is part of what we do at Joomlatools. LOGman now supports the Activity Streams standard which provides an specification for the serialization of activities using the JSON format.

This standard is on its way of being widely adopted and already used by some of the big players on the web such as Facebook, Twitter and Google.

Ok! enough bragging … what’s next ?

Our next priority is to release a Joomla! 3 compatible version. This will be our main objective for the RC5 version. Work on this is already underway.

Out of the box LOGman provides a load of useful information for site administrators to work with. Nonetheless, and even though things looked good already, we’ve felt that the true power of LOGman was yet to be unleashed. With this in mind, we started working on an API for integrating LOGman with other extensions.

LOGman 1.0 is available to all Joomlatools Club members. Not yet a member? Get a subscription and start using LOGman today!

Written by

Arunas Mazeika

24 May 2013

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