Kicking off 2018 with DOCman 3.2 stable

Through the holiday season, we worked on DOCman ironing out bugs, and, adding requested features and improvements. We are happy to announce that DOCman 3.2 is ready.

Let's recap on the new and improved features in DOCman 3.2:

Duplicate documents button in backend

We've added a "Duplicate" documents button allowing you to duplicate existing documents in a single batch process.

A requested feature by many of our users to help resolve workflow problems after we removed the 'create documents' button in the files manager.

The files manager is slowly being phased out, functionality is being moved to the documents manager. As always your feedback is vital to help us improve DOCman.

DOClink now allows you to embed video and audio files in articles. When you insert a link to a video or audio file in a Joomla article you’ll see that this link is replaced by a media player.

The media player provides stylish control options such as play/pause buttons, timeline, volume control, and full screen playback.

And of course, it is fully responsive and will gracefully resize on smaller screens and mobile devices. Just like you expect it to.

Publishing status and owner labels for categories

The category overview now has publishing status and owner labels, making it much easier to see which categories are published and whether or not the logged in user is the category owner.

We increased the DOClink modal dialog size to make it easier to find and select a document, and then insert the document link in your content.

An updated search algorithm

The default search algorithm will now match any one of the keywords.


Check the changelog to see what's changed since DOCman 3.2.

Upgrading from earlier DOCman versions

Our upgrade guide fills you in on how to upgrade. Curious? Try our demo.

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