How we improved our support flow using Help Scout

We take great pride in our support portal. We built it from the ground up over the years and constantly work on improving it. Did you know that Paul, our support portal guru, is 100% focussed on this?

Improving our support flow

At Joomlatools everyone does support from our CEO to the office cat. In the past, we sometimes had issues internally communicating on tickets and assigning them to other team members which hindered our response times. We like our support to be fast and furious so we set out to fix this.

We had two options, either we spend time developing additional features which would take away time from developing new extension features or we choose to integrate an existing solution to help us better manage our tickets internally.

After some decent market research we settled on Help Scout. Why? While users need great UI’s, developers need great API’s and Helps Scout's API is just that: powerful, simple yet elegant. Every ticket created by a customer in the portal is now being synced with Helpscout on the fly.

Settling on Help Scout

Help Scout now acts as the single source of truth for all our client communication: contact emails, support tickets and even Twitter and Facebook messages are all handled through it.

With the help of Help Scout we solved a lot of problems in one go:

  • Support engineers can now directly communicate on tickets with each other reducing the need to go back and forth between communication channels.
  • Each Joomlatools subscription comes with a support turnover time guarantee. Our smart robots now scan topics and make sure they are responded in time.
  • Each confirmed issue report or feature request is now attached to our internal ticket system so we can keep you in the loop on their progress.
  • We can now offer priority support even when we are on the road.

A new knowledge base

That's not all. Help Scout comes with a very nice knowledge base solution. In the past months we moved all our documentation and tutorials to Help Scout, it's integrated into the site with Joomlatools Pages. You can now also search our docs easily! Did you know we hired a dedicated writer to help us improve our documentation?

Our new documentation site

We try really really hard to make sure you have a hassle-free experience using our products and services. Support is a fundamental part which we always work on to further improve and we hope you appreciate our efforts.

As always if you have any suggestions, questions, or other feedback please let us know!