Get notified when users perform actions on your website

Have you ever wished that you could notify given users when certain actions are performed on your site, such as adding, editing or deleting an article, file, lead or document?

The good news is that Joomlatools extensions all have this functionality built right in. Read on to learn how to configure our extensions to notify your chosen users when these kinds of actions are performed, and stay informed about what is happening on your site.


Our LOGman extension has a very powerful built-in notify plugin that allows you to send email notifications, and is the go to solution for setting up email notifications.

With LOGman you can configure who should receive notifications, what actions should trigger email notifications and you can even define if actions from specific user groups should trigger email notifications.

The notification email will include information about the action that was performed as well as the user that performed it.

For example, if a user adds a new content article, the email would say:

Both the user's username and the article's title are hyper-linked so that you can quickly review the newly performed action.


If the notifications from LOGman are not sufficient you can use our specialised DOCman notify plugin to send more advanced notifications.

This plugin is capable of sending email notifications to document owners, category owners and / or document groups about changes in those documents and categories that they manage.

Once you have installed the plugin you can define the actions that users will receive notifications for:

  • Add: when a document gets added
  • Edit: when a document gets edited
  • Delete: when a document gets deleted
  • Submit: when a document is submitted from the front-end
  • Publish: when a document gets published
  • Assign: when a document is assigned (owner change)
  • Download: when a document gets downloaded

Read more about installing and configuring the DOCman notify plugin


If the notifications from LOGman are not sufficient you can use our specialised TEXTman notify plugin to send more advanced notifications.

The plugin is auto-installed when you install TEXTman and it can be configured to notify article or category owners, or, article groups (all the users in a group that have access to an article) when the following actions are performed:

  • Add: when an article gets added
  • Edit: when an article gets edited
  • Delete: when an article gets deleted
  • Publish: when an article gets published or unpublished

Read more about configuring the TEXTman notify plugin that is auto-installed when you install TEXTman.


Using the LOGman notify plugin, you can send email notifications to either specific recipients or user groups every time a website user performs any the following activities:

  • Add Contact: when an contact gets added
  • Edit Contact: when an contact gets edited
  • Delete Contact: when an contact gets deleted
  • Trash Contact: when an contact gets trashed
  • Restore Contact: when an contact gets restored
  • Submit new lead: when an new lead gets submitted


From FILEman's settings screen you can add email addresses for the users that you want to be notified when a new file is added.

This is especially useful if you want to get notified when a user has submitted a file and you don't want to spend the time to install and set up LOGman.

Get started

Get notified whenever any of the above actions are performed on your website. Go ahead and try our extensions on our demo or download them from our Dashboard. Not yet a member? Get a subscription and start using Joomlatools extensions today!

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