FILEman 2.1 is ready!

FILEman already brings multiple and remote file uploads, automatic thumbnail generation, easy file linking to Joomla. We have been working hard to make FILEman even better and easier to use. Today, we are happy to announce that FILEman 2.1 is ready.

In this feature release, we made files even easier to manage. We also greatly improved the frontend image gallery layout to give your visitors a better experience on mobile devices.

Let us summarize some of the important new features in this release.

Individual private files area

Screenshot of the FILEman gallery layout

Unlimited size file uploads

Server limits on shared hosts have always been a problem when uploading big files. Not any longer. With FILEman 2.1 you can upload files of unlimited size (1 GB+) regardless of your server settings.

Easier file management

The administrator file manager has been improved. You can now filter, sort and search through files in a folder as well as move or copy them to different folders.

And many more

We have many more features and bug fixes in this release. See what's new or give FILEman a test drive today on our new demo site.

If you have an active FILEman subscription you have immediate access to FILEman 2.1 at no additional cost. If you do not have a subscription yet you can subscribe on our online store.

Get your copy of FILEman 2.1 now!

Written by

Ercan Özkaya

05 May 2015

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