DOCman Secrets: Large file distribution

DOCman is well known for its ability to be used for small file distribution. But did you know that DOCman is as equally adept at serving large files without a huge resource gain?

In this edition of DOCman secrets, we give you a few tips and configuration changes that will help you use DOCman to deliver Gigabyte files with ease while maintaining the usual DOCman blend you are accustomed to.

Two roads for large files

There are two roads when we define large files.

The first of these roads would be the 0-150MB road and the second would be the 150MB to 8GB and beyond. The first road is the most simple and does not require too much sacrifice in terms of features.

  1. Set max_filesize_upload and post_max_size to within your upload range.
  2. Set session timeouts to ensure uploads don’t fail due to timed out sessions.

Tip: Remember that DOCman can store its files outside the webroot so you don’t need to expose your files to the outside world.

Larger files require an alternative workflow because setting our PHP settings too high and doing likewise with the admin sessions would have adverse effects. Here are some suggested settings:

  1. Shift uploading to be done via FTP.
  2. Use remote links to ensure we don’t pass these large files through PHP and chew through memory.
  3. Ensure anti leech is on to hide your internal link structure.
  4. Ensure hide remote links is set to on.

And that covers road two.

Two separate paths both dealing with large file delivery and distribution and both using one platform, DOCman – grab your copy today from the Joomlatools store!

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08 Dec 2011

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