Say hello to DOCman for WordPress

One of the most common user feedback requests we've had, over the years, has been "Please bring DOCman to WordPress!".

Although we've built our reputation as the provider of the best enterprise-grade extensions for Joomla, we're no strangers to WordPress. We have been listening and for the past 3 years we have been hard at work to make this happen. Today we're pleased to report that there's something new on the horizon.

Meet DOCman for WordPress

DOCman for WordPress is not a straight port of our Joomla codebase to WordPress. We did go the extra mile and turned every line of code upside down, re-wrote our core framework to be best of buddies with WordPress and made sure our UI blends in nicely.

Here's a quick walkthrough, of DOCman for WordPress. It does everything its Joomla counterpart does, of course, we took extra care to make it fit like a glove in the Gutenberg editor.

We'll show you some of its WordPress specific features, plus there's a link at the end of the post to the demo so you can play with it and see how it'll help with your WordPress documents management.

Gutenberg integration

DOCman for WordPress not only brings the documents management, that you already know and love, to the world's most popular CMS, it also leverages the world-renowned content editing capabilities of WordPress.

We've tightly integrated DOCman for WordPress with the new Gutenberg editor making it a breeze to add a document anywhere on your site. Check it out for yourself:

A new permission system

In Joomla, DOCman users are known to make heavy use of the Joomla access control lists (ACL) system which is quite complex and cumbersome to setup. In DOCman for WordPress we've solved the problem once and for all by building a brand new permissions system from the ground up.

Instead of a complex access control lists (ACL) we designed a much simpler role and group based system which extends upon the built in user roles in WordPress. You can easily add custom groups and override permissions.

We designed the system to cover all common use cases and setting them up in DOCman for WordPress couldn't be any easier.

New dark mode

Like some of you, we spend long hours behind monitors and we're huge fans of dark mode. To keep your eyes happy and your mind focused, we've added a new dark mode to DOCman for WordPress' admin interface.

DOCman will automatically switch to dark mode if you have it enabled in your browser.

Take it for a spin

Want to take DOCman for WordPress for a spin? Head over to our new demo site check it out, play with it, see how it will work for you and fit in with your site's documents management. Don't forget to let us know if you have any suggestions or feedback. We are happy to make DOCman work for you.

Download DOCman for WordPress

Business and Agency subscribers can download the alpha version of DOCman for WordPress from their Joomlatools dashboard. It's easy to upgrade if you're not already a Business or Agency subscriber.

Shark Alert: We do not recommend installing DOCman for WordPress on a live site just yet, as it's not quite production-ready. You can though download and install it on any of your development sites, if you want to play with it.

What's next?

A 1.0 beta launch version is naturally next in the pipeline, we are currently working on ironing out the last few creases and finalising the feature set.

If you want to have a say in the future of DOCman, the time is now. We'll look forward to your feedback!