DOCman for Intranets

Did you know that DOCman can be easily used for document linking on an intranet? DOCman is not only a document management tool for your online users, it is also effective for document management for an intranet.

The changes in the recent release of DOCman now allow linking to documents on an intranet with ease. You can now view and download files using the URL: ** file:///path/to/the/file.txt**

The file:// protocol to link to external files is supported since DOCman 1.6.4 and 1.5.14. Most intranets have storage drives for storing files and documents across the network and you can link windows network documents on an intranet using Universal/Uniform Naming Conventions (UNC) paths.

A UNC path describes the location of a volume, directory, or file. Rather than describe the location of a file or directory by drive letter, the Network Group will typically communicate a UNC path to describe the actual location of a file or directory.

To do this, you need to select the link to the file in DOCman and then specify the specific file path under URL of Document.

DOCman for intranets

Linking internal documents is that simple with DOCman. Try this feature today. DOCman is available for download at the Joomlatools Member Center. Not yet a member? Join the Joomlatools club today!

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24 Aug 2012

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