DOCman 3.5 brings an image slider and video downloads

Being locked down for the last few months hasn't hindered the release of DOCman 3.5, on the contrary. We are bringing a bunch of smaller bug fixes and improvements, and a couple of outstanding new features: image slider support for DOCman's documents module and Video downloading

Here's a quick overview on these two new features and the important changes in DOCman 3.5:

Image slider

We gave some love to DOCman's documents module, you could already choose to display a list or a gallery of images, now you can easily create a slider of image documents as well.

There's no need to install any other third party extensions, just select the slider layout from the module's layout settings and adjust the slider settings to your liking.

Slider settings

Video downloads

DOCman's in-built video player already gave your users the ability to natively stream videos on your website. With the launch of DOCman 3.5 your users now also have the ability, if they have the correct permissions, to download the video file.

You'll see a brand new download icon next to the full-screen icon in the video player's toolbar, highlighted in blue below:

Download videos

A brand new photo editor

Finally, in case you missed the announcement, DOCman's powerful new photo editor lets you create your very own viral memes and web adverts, you just have to have Connect* installed.


Check the changelog to see what's changed since DOCman 3.4.

Upgrading from earlier DOCman versions

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*Connect is only available to Agency and Business subscribers, not yet a Business or Agency Subscriber? Get your Subscription from only $199. Customers with Personal Subscriptions can upgrade to a Business or Agency Subscription and pay only the pro-rata difference, to start using Connect right away, click here to request your upgrade.

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