DOCman 3.0 Beta 2 is available

We have been working hard since the first beta of DOCman 3.0 less then two months ago. We fixed 34 bugs and finished all promised features.

Some of the newly added, major features are:


This has been the most requested feature for years and it’s finally here. You can tag documents and filter front-end menu items based on one or more tags.

List of tags.

Custom ordering

You can now order documents and categories by dragging and dropping to display them in your preferred order in the front-end.

Search and filter in front-end

Finding a document in a long list can sometimes be difficult for your site visitors. You can now enable a search field and additional filters to make it easier to find the desired document.

User group management

DOCman uses group based permissions to make it easier to assign permissions to documents and categories.

A common request was an easy to use interface to assign users to groups from within DOCman. Now you can use the new users view to assign users to groups.

Restructured menu items

Menu items have been streamlined and made easier to use. We added additional flexibility with 2 new filters: by tag and by owner. You can also set the menu item to only show documents from the logged in user.

Each menu item type (hierarchical, flat, tree) now also supports the same set of layouts: list, table or image gallery.

Menu Items are now easier to use and more flexible.

What's next?

We are now stabilizing DOCman 3.0 and preparing it for a stable release. This is where your help can make a great difference. We would love to hear your feedback and issues.

You can download the second beta from our Support Center. Already testing the first beta? Just download & install the new version.

Give it a try and let us know!