DOCman 3.0 beta is here

We are proud the announce the first beta of DOCman 3. This is a major version with loads of new features and improvements. In this release we have focused on laying the groundwork for a more powerful yet easier to use document management experience for your Joomla website.

A few major new features:

Redesigned user interface

We worked hard on a brand new, modern, and responsive user interface that takes advantage of the modern web. The user interface has been a year in the making going through various iterations.

The user interface aims at providing a faster, more usable experience on any kind of device, from small smartphone screens to large monitors. We simplified the layout of all views to make DOCman more self-explanatory and easily discoverable.

Screenshot of the redesigned documents filters.

Frontend category management

Better front end management has been a much requested feature, and we did our best to make it happen. With DOCman 3 you can create, edit, or delete categories from frontend. Users no longer need administrator access to manage their documents and categories!

New uploader

The file uploader has been completely rebuild to make it both more compact and easier to use. No more popup, just a single field to select your files, or drag and drop them. Simple and easy as it should be.

Screenshot of the redesigned uploader.

Improved file management

DOCman now automatically manages and syncs categories and folders for you. Uploaded files are organized per category into distinct folders. You don't ever have to move files around or worry about where to add the new files, just upload a file and let DOCman do the rest!

Automatic document creation

Using FTP, or a shared network drive to upload your files? DOCman 3 can create a document from an uploaded file on the fly.

When a new file is uploaded, DOCman automatically finds which category it should go into based on the folder it’s uploaded in and creates the corresponding document for you. Just a little bit of magic.

Significant performance improvements

The new version comes with significant performance improvements that speed up both backend and frontend of DOCman. Moreover, we have added a base caching layer that allows us to make future improvements in later versions.

What next?

We are still working on a number of features for the next beta. Like tags, search, user group management, document ordering, etc.

We would love to get your feedback already, you can download the beta from the support center. Give it a try and let us know!