DOCman 3.0 stable is here

Just in time for the holiday season, we are announcing the stable release of DOCman 3.0.

14 years ago DOCman was conceived with a single mission: create the best document management solution for Joomla. Today we are taking a next step. This release focuses on a more powerful yet easier to use document management experience for your Joomla website.

We specifically want to thank everybody who provided valuable feedback on the beta versions and release candidates over the past months.

Let us do a recap of what is new in DOCman 3.0.

Redesigned user interface

We worked hard on a brand new, modern, and responsive user interface that takes advantage of the modern web. The user interface has been a year in the making going through various iterations.

The user interface aims at providing a faster, more usable experience on any kind of device, from small smartphone screens to large monitors. We simplified the layout of all views to make DOCman more self-explanatory and easily discoverable.

Screenshot of the redesigned documents filters.


This has been the most requested feature for years and it’s finally here. You can tag documents and filter front-end menu items based on one or more tags.

List of tags.

Front-end category management

Better front-end management has been a much requested feature, and we did our best to make it happen. With DOCman 3 you can create, edit, or delete categories from front-end. Users no longer need administrator access to manage their documents and categories!

Manage categories from the front-end.

Multiple file upload in front-end

Upload multiple files and create documents in one simple step from the front-end of your website.

Upload multiple files from the front-end.

Custom ordering

You can now order documents and categories by dragging and dropping to display them in your preferred order in the front-end.

Search and filter in front-end

Finding a document in a long list can sometimes be difficult for your site visitors. You can now enable a search field and additional filters to make it easier to find the desired document.

Search for your desired marketing brochure.

User group management

DOCman uses group based permissions to make it easier to assign permissions to documents and categories.

A common request was an easy to use interface to assign users to groups from within DOCman. Now you can use the new users view to assign users to groups.

Built-in user group manager.

Improved file management

DOCman now automatically manages and syncs categories and folders for you. Uploaded files are organized per category into distinct folders. You don’t ever have to move files around or worry about where to add the new files, just upload a file and let DOCman do the rest!

Performance improvements

The new version comes with significant performance improvements that speed up both backend and frontend of DOCman. Moreover, we have added a base caching layer that allows us to make future improvements in later versions.

One-click updates

This will be the last time you will need to upgrade DOCman manually.

Joomla updater is now supported.

DOCman 3.0 supports the one-click updater in Joomla. You will get an immediate notification once a new release is available. With the click of a button, the new version will be up and running on your site.


Check the changelog to see what changed since DOCman 2.1.5.

Upgrading from DOCman 2.1

Our upgrade guide fills you in on how to upgrade. Curious? Try our demo.

Download DOCman 3.0