DOCman 2.0 Beta is here!

It’s official! Today we’re announcing the DOCman 2.0 Beta release! We’ve quietly allowed our customers to use the DOCman 2.0 Beta 1 and 2 versions for a few weeks now and received great feedback.

DOCman 2 Beta - Document Manager

DOCman 2 beta is now ready for testing. Is it production ready? We think so! Some of our customers are already using it in production without problems. We still plan to release two more beta’s before DOCman 2 will be feature complete.

Key Features

The DOCman 2.0 Beta includes all features mentioned in our previous DOCman 2.0 Alpha Blog Post, plus these exciting new features:

  1. We** improved the administrator document filtering** to make it easier to find recently created and edited documents. Various document state filters (published, unpublished, pending, etc.) have also been added.

  2. Document and category access rights **can now be inherited**. You will find a new ‘inherit’ option in the access group settings. With this change you no longer need to set access permissions for each document and/or category which makes managing your permissions a lot easier.

DOCman 2 Beta - Document editing

  1. The file uploader has been redesigned and improved. We increased the drag and drop area and added a ‘choose file button’ to make selecting files easier and quicker.

DOCman 2 Beta - File upload dialog

  1. Publish/unpublish dates can now be set for documents to automatically publish or unpublish a document on your site.

DOCman 2 Beta - Document publishing dates

  1. ‘Save & New’ buttons have been added to the category manager to make it easier to quickly add categories when setting up your repository.

DOCman 2 Beta - Save and new

  1. The document populate functionality has been simplified. The populate icon has been removed and its functionality integrated into the ‘Create Documents’ workflow available within the File Manager, making it fast and easy to add multiple files into a category!

DOCman 2 Beta - Batch create documents

  1. We added a new ‘Register or Login to Download‘ configuration** option**. When enabled guests are able to see the download button but are redirected to the login page before downloading.

  2. Categories now support category sorting in the frontend. You can sort categories by title, ordering or by created date.

9.** Separate permissions for **‘view’ and ‘download‘ have been added. You can now define which user groups can only see the documents information and who can download the attached files.

  1. Tons of smaller changes, user interface improvement and fixes…

What’s next ?

We’re currently wrapping up Beta 3 to fix more issues and introduce a few more features. After Beta 3 we are planning one more beta before releasing the first release candidate.

Beta 4 will include Joomla 3 compatibility. At the same time we will be releasing final release candidates for LOGman, FILEman and EXTman that will also include Joomla 3.0 compatibility!

The DOCman 2.0 Beta is available to all Joomlatools Club members. Not yet a member? Get a subscription and take the new DOCman 2.0 Beta for a spin today!

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07 Jan 2013

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