DOCman 2.0 Beta 3 released

Followed closely after our beta announcement we are extremely happy to release the third beta of DOCman 2.0. This release adds 6 major new features and tons of smaller optimisations and fixes.

This beta has been 4 months in the making, and we understand some of you have been waiting impatiently. You know, we have a mantra over here at Joomlatools : our software will be ready when it’s ready. We don’t enjoy making you wait, but we take great pride in releasing Joomla extensions that are engineered for easy of use, long-term stability and performance.

Key Features

The DOCman 2.0 Beta 3 includes all features mentioned in our previous DOCman 2.0 Alpha Blog Post and [Beta Blog Post][1], plus the following exciting new features.

1. Document Image and Auto Thumbnail functionality

We integrated the DOCman Thumbs functionality. DOCman 2 is now capable of generating thumbnails of your documents on the fly, if possible. Thumbnails can be manually regenerated and cleared. You can also upload your own document images instead of generating a thumbnail.

After saving your document with the automatically generate image option selected the thumbnail will appear.

2. Download and preview behavior changes

Before, DOCman used to have separate Preview and Download buttons, but as of Beta 3 we no longer have a Preview button. Instead, DOCman is no longer force downloading documents, it leaves this up to the browser to decide how to handle the document: either display it or download it.

With support for PDF reading in modern browsers like Chrome and Firefox 15+ this also means people can easily read PDF files in the browser and additionally this changes solves problems with file downloads on mobile devices.

We also added improved support for Google Viewer. If Google Viewer is enabled it will show a preview of the following supported document types. Here is an example of using Google Preview for a PowerPoint presentation.

3. Menu item changes

The ‘All Categories’ and the ‘Single Category’ views have been merged into one ‘List’ view option.

The list view allows you to** select any category** to use as the base category from where documents will be shown. You can choose to include child categories or not.

4. Access Level Inheritance improvements

We further improved the document and categories access level inheritance. The actual** access level** is now being calculated on the fly and gets displayed in the edit form and list views. With this change you no longer need to set access permissions for each document and/or category which makes managing your permissions a lot easier.

5. Improved SEF Routing

We reworked the integrated SEF routing to improve readability and fixed a number of bugs. This gives better readable and** simple URL’s**. To get the file attached to a document now just add /file to the end of the document URL.

6. Added Support for Video and Audio Streaming

Video and** audio files** can now be streamed. If your browser can play the video or audio file it will do so. Most modern browsers and mobile browsers can do this.

For example, if you upload an MP4 video file to your site, your browser will be able to start playing the file using its built-in video support, if available. A great example of this would be to head over to our DOCman 2.0 Demo Site and upload an MP4 video file and create a DOCman Document for it and then check things out in the frontend.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try accessing the video from your iPhone and watch your video start streaming instantly!

What’s next ?

We’re currently working full force on DOCman 2.0 Beta 4, which will include Joomla 3 compatibility. At the same time we will be releasing final Release Candidates for LOGman, FILEman and EXTman that will also include Joomla 3.0 compatibility!

Migration from DOCman 1.x will not be available until DOCman 2 is feature complete and will be part of our first Release Candidate (which will most likely be released after Beta 4).

The DOCman 2.0 Beta is available to all Joomlatools Club members. Not yet a member? Get a subscription and take the new DOCman 2.0 Beta for a spin today!

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08 Feb 2013

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