Backbone.js and Joomla, an instant friendship

Backbone.js and Joomla? Absolutely! Joomlatools Framework’s built-in JSON API makes it a great choice as a back-end for any kind of desktop and mobile app. Don’t believe us?

Our tutorial "Backbone.js and Joomla" shows you how you can use TodoMVC’s Backbone.js example app as a frontend for our Todo extension.

Backbone.js in a nutshell

The past 5 years have seen great advancements in client side use of Javascript libraries and frameworks. Asynchronous requests, partial page refreshes and the rise of the single page application are just a few examples of this. The explosion of mobile device apps that use Javascript and HTML5 is also a huge driver.

A trio made in heaven

Joomla together with Joomlatools Framework and Backbone.js make for a killer team. With Joomla you get a great application administration interface. With Joomlatools Framework you get an out of the box JSON web service for Backbone.js to talk too! An instant friendship.

Joomlatools Framework makes building administration views for the data of your service quick and easy. Joomla brings the environment and Joomlatools Framework brings the horsepower to add, edit, or delete records without any code needing to be written.

Using Backbone.js with Joomlatools Framework

Our tutorial takes you through each step and explain how you can use the REST API of our Joomla Todo extension as the back-end for the Backbone.js example.

List of tasks

Happy coding!

Written by

Cameron Barr

08 Jun 2015

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