A big high five for Joomla! 5

In case you missed the news, 2023 was a momentous year for Joomla!, with the launch of Joomla! 5 on October 17th.

The Joomla! team announced that Joomla 5 is a major version. Bringing plenty of new features, security and code improvements and increased speed with those improvements. Everything under the hood has been redesigned, rethought and refactored to make use of the latest server technologies.

As with every major Joomla release one of the obstacles to upgrading can be the compatibility of the third party extensions that you use within your site. Joomlatools customers won’t have this issue to worry about, at least not for much longer, because the Joomlatools framework got updated for Joomla! 5 compatibility too!

This means that all of our extensions, DOCman, FILEman, LEADman, LOGman and TEXTman, are now compatible with Joomla versions from Joomla! 3, right the way through Joomla! 4 and now Joomla! 5 as well.

Of course, we didn’t spend the last few months just making sure that our extensions would be compatible with Joomla! 5, we also spent a great deal of time on refinements, new features and better usability.

We know that we’ve been quiet on the blogging front this year. That’s not to mean that we didn’t have anything to tell you about, it’s just that our team has been super-focused on the work at hand. Even though we didn't shout about it from the rooftops, you can be assured that DOCman just keeps getting better and better!

We’ll be blogging about all the new features within our suite of extensions, over the coming months, but as a taster here’s just some of the work we’ve done on DOCman:

DOClink is DOCman’s flagship plugin, it lets you link to and embed documents into a Joomla! article page (or anywhere else you can use the Joomla! editor). It’s smart enough to know when you have an audio or video file and convert that file to a player when you embed it, if you have Connect installed it’ll even let you embed a PDF file directly on the page too.

File Versioning

You might have a document with a file that you need to update, without losing the previous version, DOCman lets you keep track of the files that are associated with a document so that you can choose which version of the file your site’s users get to access.

Joomla custom fields support

DOCman already has custom fields, they require a bit of PHP knowledge and the generation of template overrides within the document form to make them available though. With DOCman 5 we’ve simplified the process a little bit, by making the Joomla! content component’s custom fields available within documents.

Combined list layouts

An often asked for feature in DOCman has been the ability to combine multiple categories of documents into a single list. This feature has been added in DOCman 5 and now you can create a list combining documents from any combination, or all, of your document categories.

The search functionality within DOCman 5 has been completely re-written, we’ve added powerful search operators that’ll make your users’ task of finding your documents a breeze.

There are a whole bunch of other improvements but we’ll let you know about those in upcoming blog posts dedicated to DOCman 5.

As we usher in the New Year, we’d like to wish you all a happy, productive and prosperous 2024.

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