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MexiPass provides personal insurance products for automobiles, boats, homes, and family protection for American residents abroad. They also have comprehensive business and commercial insurance solutions for American companies operating in Mexico and other foreign countries.

Their website is powered by Joomla and they engaged our team to help them build a bespoke product management solution for their online insurance product portfolio.

The problem

The off-the-shelf solution MexiPass were using to manage their online product portfolio was not designed for their particular needs and the imposed workflow was cumbersome, made them waste a lot of time and was painfully confusing for their staff.

The requirements

MexiPass needed a better product manager that provided the following key features:

  1. Easy to use, the user experience should be efficient and not waste staff members’ time.
  2. Simple workflows, MexiPass’ staff should be able to pick up the workflow quickly and easily.
  3. Solid design, the system shouldn’t break down if a staff member misconfigures the workflow.

The result

Bespoke product manager application

Because we were building a new product manager application from the ground up, we had free reign on the platform to build from. Naturally, we chose our own Joomlatools Framework, not only is it a solid, modern framework it has an incredibly lean architecture.

Bespoke product manager application for MexiPass

Joomlatools cloud hosting

We moved their website from their shared hosting to our Joomla cloud hosting platform. This is designed for the needs of high traffic and high profile websites and fully managed by our team.

We fine-tuned the PHP configuration to optimize for speed and stability. Together with a proper configuration of Joomla’s caching using APCu this already yields a significant performance improvement.

Content Delivery Network

To further boost performance we moved the site behind a CDN (Content Delivery Network). The CDN ensures that each page is cached to multiple servers worldwide and delivered from the server closest to the user’s geographical location.

The result, a faster website no matter where the users are located and a lower overall hosting cost.

Need help?

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Written by

Waseem Sadiq

24 Aug 2018

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