Introducing Joomlatools Platform

Joomla is a powerful yet simple solution for building all kinds of websites. Despite Joomla’s humble beginnings, it’s quickly evolved into a full-fledged web platform used for massive projects.

Development methodologies in the Joomla community haven’t evolved as much unfortunately. If you’re going to be creating complex applications with Joomla, then you need to get serious about it.

Allow us to introduce you to the Joomlatools Platform, a modern Joomla stack that helps you get started with the best development tools, easier configuration and an improved folder structure.

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The journey of a Joomla patch

The key for success of any Open Source project is having a community of followers and like minded people around it. This inevitably leads to interest, which leads to contribution. With Joomla, this is no different.

Not so long ago we have spotted some issues in the Joomla event dispatching system. An incomplete API led to some events not being triggered as expected. This was a problem for our LOGman extension so it was a perfect occasion to give back to the community and take the time to work on a solution.

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