New Joomla Vagrant Box released

We are happy to announce the new 1.3 release of our popular Joomlatools Vagrant Box today!

The box is a self-contained Joomla developer environment. It helps you to build Joomla sites in no time thanks to our Joomla Console. Since its first release, we received a lot of great feedback from fellow Joomla developers. We've worked hard to include these ideas.

A shiny new dashboard

Our biggest feature is a shiny new dashboard that shows you all the sites you are working on. It also gives you direct access to the available tools like phpMyAdmin, MailCatcher and APC dashboard.

We build the new dashboard using Bootstrap 3 and it is fully responsive.

PHP 5.5 by default

We also updated the default PHP version to 5.5. PHP 5.4 is reaching end of life in 3 months so it's about time we stop using it. But don't worry! You can still install older versions with a single command.

We also upgraded the operating system to Ubuntu 14.04 and upgraded Apache to 2.4. This brings greater stability and performance to the box.

More toys

We also installed some excellent open source projects. PhpMetrics can analyse the quality of your code. You can now read the server error logs in your browser using PimpMyLog. And best of all, the command line is now accessible in your browser thanks to Wetty.

There are a lot more new additions and improvements. If you want to find out all the details, take a look at the 1.3 changelog.

Your turn! Start building!

Head over the installation instructions and you'll be up and running in a few minutes. If you already have the box installed, you can upgrade just as easy.

We love to hear about your ideas and use cases. Send us a tweet or ping us on Facebook and let us know!

Want to contribute to the box or fix a bug? Don’t hesitate to fork our GitHub repository and send in a pull request!

Happy Joomla building!

Written by

Steven Rombauts

02 Jun 2015

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