Joomlatools Mason, the tool you didn't know you needed

In April this year, in the midst of covid quarantine we decided that it was time to get rid of our growing frustration with task runners once and for all. Over the years we had used Grunt, battled with Gulp and tried Webpack... none of them gave us any "Ah Ha!" moments, on the contrary, they all left us pretty frustrated.

Imposing too many dependencies and too much complexity for what seemingly should be a trivial problem. We feel that task runners should provide a simple interface for us to do our magic and stay out of the way as much as possible, instead of taking us for a ride down dependency-hell.

Frustration can be the mother of invention, and this was definitely one of those times, we sat down... threw away the box and a few weeks later Mason was born.

What is Joomlatools Mason?

Mason is our batteries-included NodeJS task runner, "yes, but so is webpack and grunt", I hear you think ... so what's the big deal?

Well, Mason comes as a single binary with all dependencies included to perform common tasks for web development. Mason doesn't pull in any files to your project folder. It's a portable binary that you install once and use everywhere.

Whilst Mason comes with many helpers for common tasks, in the end you write pure Javascript code to create your custom build process depending on your needs through a simple mason.js file.

A build process is a sequence of tasks, usually automated, that you run each time that you want to deploy a new release of your application. Mason fits into this build process as a tool that should be run on your development CSS, javascript etc and in turn will create compressed production assets. These are then uploaded to your production server or content delivery network (CDN).

Getting started with Mason

We made installing Mason as simple as possible. You can install it with brew:

brew install joomlatools/mason/mason

or npm:

npm i -g @joomlatools/mason

After you've installed Mason and configured it you can run mason from the command line or mason inspect to see what options are available.

$ mason inspect 

Creating themes for Pages

Mason is a great buddy for designers who want to create custom themes for Joomlatools Pages. Out of the box Mason comes with all the designer goodies your heart desires:

  1. CSS transformations using PostCSS
  2. Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets with SASS
  3. Automatic processing using Chokidar
  4. Live reload using Browsersync
  5. CSS framework with TailwindCSS

Setting it up is very simple. Copy the following into /joomlatools-pages/theme/mason.js

const mason = require('@joomlatools/mason-tools-v1');
async function css() {
  await mason.css.process(`css/input.css`, `css/output.css`, {});
async function sync() {
    watch: true,
    server: {
       baseDir: './joomlatools-pages/theme'
    files: 'css/*.css',
module.exports = {
  version: '1.0',
  tasks: {
    watch: {
      path: ['.'],
      callback: async (path) => {
        if (path.endsWith('css/input.css')) {
          await css();

Fire up the tasks by just running mason. This will run CSS compilation, watch for changes and auto-reload your browser. How cool is that!

You are 100% free to choose how to generate your CSS. If you don’t have a hard requirement, a strong preference, or just want our advice, we recommend writing your own HTML, using PHP in said HTML, use TailwindCSS as your CSS framework, and let Mason mix, transpile and minify any CSS and Javascript like there's no tomorrow.

Not a fan of Tailwind? No problem. Mason comes with SCSS support built-in. You can even combine SCSS with Tailwind and PostCSS. Yes that's right, we've got you covered.

Want more? Configuring Mason is really simple and you can find all the info in the Pages wiki.

Learning more

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We welcome any feedback to help us make Joomlatools Pages even better, contributions are most welcome too! For more info check out our contributor guidelines.

Happy coding!