Joomlatools Framework 3.0 is released

All our extensions are powered by our in-house Joomlatools Framework.

The Joomlatools Framework v3.0 is the latest major release in the series, adding some great new improvements and further stabilizations.

What's new?

In this release, we focused on restructuring the framework for a more streamlined experience from development to installation. It is now possible to directly bundle the framework with a Joomla extension.

Our Joomlatools reusable components, which are a key concept of our architecture, now come bundled to provide developers with additional easy to use building blocks.

Reusable Components

Migrator component

Migrator is a new reusable component that makes moving data between installations simple and efficient.

Scheduler component

Most hosting companies do not give their clients enough permissions to run cronjobs. Even if they do, the configuration and maintenance is error-prone. That is why we developed the scheduler component so that developers can seamlessly run tasks in the background.

Tags component

Tagging is a common need for extension developers. That is why we have come up with the tags component to do the heavy lifting so it's a few lines of code to add tags to your extension.

What's next?

Work for the 3.1 release is underway bringing further stabilization and improvements. Follow our progress on Github.