Getting started with our Todo component

Getting starting with something new is never easy. Taking that first step into the unknown if often the hardest step to take. Starting out with a new web framework is no different.

“You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to start to become great.” - Zig Ziglar

Without good code examples and supporting documentation getting to know the major concepts, structure, and conventions of that framework can be prohibitively challenging.

With Joomlatools Framework 2.0 out and about we've been hard at work to create getting started documentation to guide you through your first steps. It’s an unwritten rule among framework developers that a good getting started guide should demonstrate how to build a Todo MVC component. We do no different!

In our framework guides you will find a new step by step getting started tutorial that takes you through the creation of such an extension for Joomla using Joomlatools Framework. For the lazy developers among you, you can find the fully working Todo on GitHub. Just install using Composer as explained in the README.

We also added some extra features in the package that are not covered yet in the tutorial itself. Both serve to show you how to build solid Joomla extensions quickly.

The Todo component at a glance

We believe in Letting the code do the talking, and so with the Todo package you get a lot of examples showing you how to get things done with Joomlatools Framework.

There is a great example of how to use the Bootstrapper in your component. You can define object instantiation by its identifier in this one file.

Need to see how a Toolbar might get built in the front end? Or, tell your Controller to allow JSON responses when requested? We show them both.

We have a custom template helper to add delete functionality to the front end for Todo items. We show you how you might couple your item into Joomla ACL with a table behavior and use that in the layouts. The canPerform() method gets mixed right into the item's interface. That is handy!

There are great examples of how you could use the behavior template helper to load Javascript into your templates.

We even show you how you might plug todo items into the Joomla Smart Search API and display your items in a module, and so much more.

Composer Support

Only last week we highlighted Composer supported distribution architecture on our blog. If you haven't read it yet, now is the time!

That’s all we have so far for you. Now it’s your turn. You can help us by sending in a Pull Request to improve the Todo component.

Happy coding!

Written by

Cameron Barr

05 Jan 2015

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