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Anyone that has followed the Joomlatools' journey over the last decade will know that we are big advocates of open sourcing code for re-use and collaboration, our commander-in-chief Johan Janssens is known the world over as one of the greatest contributors to the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) community.

Every year we release thousands of man-hours' worth of code into the public domain, from code snippets to fully-fledged development tools, we’re proud of our reputation as one of the Joomla! world’s leading contributors.

Here are some of the open source code and tools we've developed or contributed to over the years that are freely available from github, you can also find a complete overview on our open source page:

The Joomla! CMS

OK, so Joomla! CMS isn't technically a Joomlatools product, however, our CEO Johan was the project's first lead developer and a co-founder. Over the years the Joomlatools team have contributed hundreds-of-thousands of lines of code to the Joomla! project, from the initial building blocks of Joomla! 1.0 right up until the present day.

Our Development Tools

As a company that operates in the Joomlasphere it's natural that we would build tools to help us develop software solutions for Joomla!, we chose to share those tools with the wider Joomla! development community because we believe that all developers should work smarter, not harder. Our Joomla! development tools include:

Joomlatools UIKit

Joomlatools UIKit is our open source user interface development kit for the Joomla! administrator, it forms the foundation of our elegant, efficient, intuitive, and delightful Joomla! extensions.

Having a pre-built library of re-usable code for the administrator interface of our extensions frees up time for our developers to concentrate on what they do best, enhancing, stabilizing and perfecting our products and services.

We're so excited with the work Robin, our UI/UX guru did, that we've open sourced the whole kit and made it available to everyone, the kit features all of this:

  • Single-page app layout: Build your own single-page apps easily out of the box.
  • Login page: Styling to create a login page.
  • Top bar: Featuring a responsive dropdown menu.
  • Tab layout & scrollable tabs: Sticky and scrolling tabs.
  • Sticky dismissable alerts: Alerts can pop-up on top of your screen and can be dismissed with one simple click.
  • Visual CSS warnings: Toggle-able warnings to help you eliminate CSS bugs.
  • AJAX loading: A simple integrated AJAX loading solution.

    Did you know Joomlatools UIKit is fully documented and can be used standalone? You can dive in and start using it for your next Joomla! project.

Joomlatools Framework

A roundup of our open sourced code would not be complete without mentioning the star of the show, Joomlatools Framework, a solid, modern framework and lean architecture for building Joomla! extensions.

Our Framework provides an unparalleled combination of flexibility, re-usability and extensibility, in-fact, all of our extensions are built using the Framework.

It's never been easier for developers to create more powerful custom Joomla! extensions, they can even reuse our pre-developed framework components:

  • Todo: A fully-fledged to-do extension for Joomla! built using Joomlatools Framework.
  • Activities; Activity stream component .
  • Ckeditor: CKEditor component.
  • Comments: Comments component.
  • Files: Files system component.
  • Migrator: Reusable migrator component.
  • Scheduler: Job scheduler component.
  • Tags: Tagging component.

Did you know all of these components (besides todo) are used in our commercial extensions? Together with the framework it means we have publicly open sourced 80% of the code that makes up our commercial Joomla! extensions. We challenge any other Joomla! company to do the same!

Joomlatools Platform

Joomlatools Platform is a modern Joomla! stack that helps you get started with the best development tools and project structure.

When you first install Joomlatools Platform you might get a bit of a shock because it does not include all of the extensions (components, modules and plugins) found in a vanilla Joomla! installation, the Platform is a pared down version of Joomla! meant for developers that want to build completely custom web applications based on Joomla!

Don't worry, we separate the missing components into their own repos so you can easily re-install them if needed them:

Did you know we released Joomlatools Platform 2.0 last year which included a completely new administrator template based on our UIKit?

Our next Joomla! contribution

We’ve got a new developer tool in the works, we’ve been working on it for months, most of 2018 in-fact, and a first release is almost ready to be shared. We are super excited about this one, we think it will be a game changer!

Did you know the Github repos referenced in this blog post have over 12,000 commits, 400 followers and 128 forks?

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Written by

Waseem Sadiq

19 Jan 2019

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