Sharpen your Joomla tools with Joomlatools Vagrant 1.6

It's been a while in the making, but it's finally arrived: Joomlatools Vagrant 1.6 has been released! This release focuses on updating the core components of the system, adding new tools and solving some outstanding issues.

Using PHP 7.3 by default

PHP 7.3 has been out for a while now, so it's time we start all of our new work with it as well. Due to broken dependencies, it wasn't possible to support PHP 7.3 on the 1.5 version of the box.

You can skip the build step entirely now and just fire up the new box!

Upgrading all the things!

We didn't stop at the PHP upgrade, it was also time to upgrade all the things. The base Ubuntu version has been upgraded to to 18.04, the current LTS version, meaning that it will keep receiving updates until April 2023. MySQL server MariaDB has been upgraded to the current stable 10.4 release, Ruby to 2.6.5 and NodeJS to version 12.

Everything you need to get busy using the latest and greatest tools and libraries!

Share your work

You want to share your work in progress with your colleagues or clients, we get that. It's now easier than ever, simply use our new box share command and share the resulting ngrok URL with whoever needs it.

More control of your Vagrant box

Want to override the default mount options to better suit your needs, or increase or decrease the disk space, available memory and CPU cores? We've made it possible to override some of the configuration for the Vagrant box instance. You can also run multiple instances of the box simultaneously by giving them another name.

Better tools at your disposal

We've replaced Mailcatcher with MailHog, added the Yellowlab Tools CLI tool to audit the performance of your websites and Cockpit to monitor the box itself.

Enable http/2 by default

http/2 support has been enabled on the main domain, it's a small, but important change. Simply connect with the https protocol.

Upgrade now

You can find the upgrade instructions in the documentation and the changelog on Vagrant Cloud.

Shark Alert! Make sure you are running the latest versions of Virtualbox and Vagrant before upgrading

Tell us your thoughts

If you have any more ideas or want to share your workflow with us, we love to hear from you! Get in touch on our Gitter chat or through our developer channels on Twitter or Facebook.

Happy Joomla coding!

Written by

Steven Rombauts

24 Jan 2020

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