Website analytics and activities added to Joomlatools Dashboard

At the beginning of last month we introduced our Joomlatools Dashboard, the central hub for everything Joomlatools.

We haven't rested on our laurels since, this week we are rolling out analytics and activities support for your sites in the dashboard.

Site analytics

The Analytics tab in the dashboard lets you see:

  • The number of pageviews your website has had in this month.
  • The number of pageviews your website has had today.
  • A graph showing the pageviews this week, by day.
  • Your website's popular pages this month.
  • Your website's pageviews by referrer.

alt="Joomlatools Dashboard site analytics

You can enable analytics for each site individually, only when enabled do we start collecting data.

Site activites

If you have LOGman installed on your website you can now also access your site activities through the new Activities tab.

The activity stream shows:

  • The username of the person that triggered the action.
  • The name of the action
  • The name of the resource the action happened on.
  • The data and time the action was triggered

You can also search for specific activities.

alt="Joomlatools Dashboard site activites

You can enable activites for each site individually, only when enabled do we start collecting data.

What's next

Our next step is something that we think is going to be a game changer: A Desktop App!

alt="Joomlatools Dashboard desktop app

We are bringing the dashboard right to your desktop, you will no longer need to open up a web browser, login, etc... you'll be able to manage and keep an eye on your sites right from your desktop!

Customer feedback

I think the new dashboard is well structured and very intuitive to use.

Fabrizio Lorenzi
Fabrizio Lorenzi

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