What is Joomlatools Connect and how will it ease my workload?

Joomlatools Connect is our own web-service that brings the speed and stability of our best-in-class infrastructure right to your Joomla website. Connect allows us to offer features to our extensions that are otherwise not possible to achieve on a shared hosting infrastructure.

Years of feedback from our customers led to the birth of Connect.

  • With DOCman, we already had the defacto document manager for Joomla, however, there was never an easy way to search within uploaded documents.
  • With FILEman, we already had the perfect file manager for Joomla, however, uploading website-ready resized images was a tedious and time-consuming task.
  • With TEXTman, we already had the most focused content editor for Joomla, however, finding and uploading the perfect featured image for an article could also be also very time-consuming.

We built Connect to solve these problems and help you spend less time generating website content and more time on the rest of your workload.

Indexing documents

Connect can index your documents and let your users search for text within them, supporting more than 20+ file formats in any possible language.

Connect can even index text in images as it offers support for OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

Generating file thumbnails

Connect can automatically generate thumbnails for your documents and files.

This is not such a big deal you might think, well it is, Connect doesn't only support image files, it offers support for 20+ formats including PDF, document and video files! And it does that unrelated to the file size, got a 1GB video? We got your back!

Already got existing files? No problem, once you install it, Connect lets you scan all previously uploaded documents in one go.

Finding the perfect image to use for an article can be frustrating for content editors. Connect solves this by hooking up to unsplash.com for endless inspiration.

That's not all. Once you've found an image to use, Connect will automatically generate thumbnails, regardless of the original image's size, as well as the responsive website-ready versions of the image. Ready, set go!

Validating email addresses

The DOCman Leads plugin lets you collect the email address of users who download your documents. Connect lets you validate those addresses, helps to combat spam and prevent typos in the email address.

What's still to come?

We're constantly working on new services for Connect. If you have an idea for improving Connect, that you would like to share with us, then get in touch. We love to hear how our customers want to use the service.

Get started

Connect v2.0 is available for download in our Support Center. It’s only available to Business and Agency Subscribers.

Download Connect 2.0

Not yet a Business or Agency Subscriber? Get your Subscription from only $199. Customers with Personal Subscriptions can upgrade to a Business or Agency Subscription and pay only the pro-rata difference, click here to request your upgrade.

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Written by

Waseem Sadiq

18 May 2018

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