How to create a link manager using Joomla and DOCman.

DOCman is a very powerful document manager extension, it comes with categorization, tagging, metadata and a lot of other powerful features. Did you know that you can also use it as a weblinks manager by making use of the built-in remote linking feature?

Here’s how you can use DOCman to create a website link sharing platform, where each link can have extra metadata just like a DOCman document.

Linking to a website

Let’s say you are building a resource-sharing platform to help your users to share resources (documents, videos, images, etc.) with each other. Often times, a “resource” might be a useful website that someone wants to share.

DOCman allows you to link to an external resource. If the link is a website and starts with http:// or https:// DOCman will simply redirect to it and open up the website, just like a link manager does.

When you add a new document to DOCman, instead of uploading a file simply click on the “Enter a URL instead” link and add the external website’s URL in the document’s “File” panel. Finally, add any extra meta data you need and save your document.

Get started

Supercharge your Joomla document management with DOCman. Go ahead and try DOCman on our demo or download it from our Support Center. Not yet a member? Get a subscription and start using DOCman today!

Download DOCman 3.2

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