Joomlatools UI v0.1.0 released

Back in November 2016 we announced Joomlatools UI Preview. A few weeks ago we released v0.1.0!

In the last few months we worked on stabalizing the UI as well as adding some new features.

Some of the new features are:


Added styling for modals to be bigger and responsive to create space inside the modal for the UI. See an example below of the default modal versus the enlarged one.

Sticky table headers

Sticky table headers now use CSS position: sticky instead of JavaScript making it a lot faster and more reliable. Table subheaders are sticky out of the box now as well!

We’re also using Joomlatools UI in all of our extensions now!

Joomlatools UI in FILEman

Joomlatools UI in FILEman

What’s next?

This is just the beginning. We will be working on streamlining Joomlatools UI while working on our extensions. We’ll be adding new features and improving existing code.

Get involved:

Do you have a great idea for Joomlatools UI? We love to hear your feedback and ideas. Visit our Google group or Gitter to get in touch and interact with fellow developers.

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