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Video is taking over the internet, by 2018 online video is projected to make up 76% of all web traffic. Online video is the future, and we are making sure DOCman and FILEman are up for the task!

DOCman and FILEman 3.1 will support HTML5 audio/video streaming with a sleek media player.

Built-in Media Player

The media player is built right in to provide stylish control options such as play/pause buttons, timeline, volume control, and full screen playback.

Of course, the media player is fully responsive and will gracefully resize on smaller screens and mobile devices, just like you expect it to.

Audio/Video Players in DOCman list view

Audio/Video Players in DOCman list view

Inserting Video in Articles with FILEman

If you insert a link to a video or audio file into a Joomla article you’ll see that links are replaced with media players.

FILEman Audio/Video players in a Joomla article

FILEman Audio/Video players in a Joomla article

Youtube and Vimeo Support for DOCman

Thats not all, it will also be possible to play Youtube and Vimeo videos with DOCman. When you create a document and link it to a Youtube or Vimeo video using the share url, the video will play inside our media player.

Supported Formats

Our media player supports the following formats:

  • Audio: aac, mp3, ogg, flac,x-flac, wave, wav, x-wav, x-pn-wav
  • Video: mp4, webm, ogg

Media types that aren’t in the above list will be displayed as downloadable items.

Custom Layouts

Last but not least, developers will be able fully customisable the player using template overrides. You can override the follwing templates in /templates/YOUR-TEMPLATE/views/com_docman/document/:

  1. document_audio.html.php
  2. document_video.html.php
  3. player_audio_local.html.php
  4. player_video_local.html.php
  5. player_audio_remote.html.php

Ready for testing

For those that can’t wait for the stable 3.1 releases, you can already download the 3.1 beta version for DOCman via our Support Center, we look forward to receiving your feedback.

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